Color-Coded Labels for Different Audiences?

I recently saw the following in the prospectus for a traveling exhibition:

Because the exhibition is addressed to two very different audiences, one that includes science students and scientists and the other, the general public and non- science students, we plan on two labels for each drawing. One for a general audience will explain in non-scientific terms the significance of the drawing and its artistic qualities. The second label will provide a more technical and detailed scientific description for specialists. The labels will be color coded so that the audience can easily distinguish them. [Emphasis mine.]

  • Can you share examples of exhibitions that have used this technique?
  • Is it useful to think of this as analogous to bilingual labels? Why or why not?
  • Is there an advantage to this technique compared to having a single label, with a first paragraph (perhaps in larger text) for the general audience, and a second paragraph that is more technical and detailed?

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